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Beat the quarantine fatigue and Thrive during this pandemic

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Do you recognise yourself in the list below

Having treated a vast number of our patients online and offline since the lockdown, the most common complaints you have made are:

  1. Shoulder and neck pain
  2. Increased headache
  3. Disturbed sleep quality
  4. Disturbed digestive functions
  5. Fatigue
  6. Decreased mental wellbeing
  7. Loss of motivation

The symptoms above can be signs of underlying disorders which if not attended to can lead to more serious diseases. For example, sleep disturbance is not a sign that you should shrug off.

In a study published in Nature in 2016 entitled [Sleep Health: Reciprocal Regulation of Sleep and Innate Immunity], the authors state that

“Sleep disturbances including insomnia independently contribute to risk of inflammatory disorders and major depressive disorder.”

Are you struggling to stay motivated to work-out, with increased anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, falling back to coping mechanisms during this pandemic? Are you afraid that you will loose your shit? That you will be beaten by the quarantine fatigue and lose your productivity? Your efforts in doing more online yoga and reading positive affirmation do not turn your energy upwards? You are not alone.

How would you like to:

  • Free yourself from compounding pain in your shoulder and neck by working from home without having a massage therapist’s contact on your body (visiting a clinic).
  • Stay connected with the best therapists in town addressing the new and old health concerns that are literally holding you back!
  • Find energy and motivation to empower yourself to come out of this new normal like a champion.

But first, in order to fix a problem, you need to identify it.

Beat quarantine fatigue and thrive during this pandemic: find out how simple it is.