Angela has over 20 years of clinical experience as a remedial therapist. Angela’s holistic approach incorporates a vast array of therapeutic massage techniques, including pregnancy massage, deep tissue muscle therapy, trigger point therapy, vascularising techniques, lymphatic drainage, corrective exercise therapy and infant massage instruction.

Angela has extensive experience in treating all types of acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues – from sporting injuries to workplace postural adaptations, repetitive strain injuries, chronic lifestyle stressors, and developmental challenges.

Angela has a special interest in pregnancy massage as it is a great therapeutic opportunity to relieve any chronic tension and to prepare expectant mothers for birth. She also enjoys providing infant massage instruction to new mothers.

In addition, Angela has expertise in providing lymphatic drainage to help reduce fluid retention and improve the immune function.

Angela helps to unravel the body’s response to stress and injury, empowering positive and sustainable change.

Her practice is further enriched by studies in nutrition, homeopathy, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation.


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