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qigong classes in redfern park

Qigong and Tai Chi Classes at Redfern Park*

+ Beginner or experienced – all welcome
+ Your first class is FREE – book below

Current Class Schedule:
Qigong Monday & Thursday evening 6-7pm
Tai Chi Tuesday & Friday morning 7-8am


Monday 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Thursday 5:30 – 6.30pm

Single class – $35
10 class pass – $330
20 class pass – $640

Your first class is FREE. There is no better time to try.

Tai Chi

Tuesday 7:00-8:00am
Friday 7:00-8:00am

Single class – $35
10 class pass – $330
20 class pass – $640

Your first class is FREE. What do you have to lose?

One-on-One Movement Coaching

60 minute session – $90
45 minutes session – $75


Dip. of Osteopathy
Dip. of Personal Training / Gym instruction
Cert. Tai Chi / Qigong instructor

Your Coach: John Walsh

My journey to becoming a healer began after I hurt my back in a car crash when I was 23.  After getting relief from visiting an osteopath I decided that that would be a great way to make a living – doing something both useful and enjoyable.  While working for 16 years as an osteopath, however, I decided that I wanted to encourage and help people to do more for themselves to be healthy and vital, so I qualified as a personal trainer. After working for a short time as a PT, I realised a long-held dream and went to China to study Tai Chi and Qigong, practices which have become my passion.


Working at Project DAO I believe I have found my ideal balance – I still do some hands-on bodywork, and also work with clients to teach them how to incorporate exercise and meditation into their lifestyle for long term health benefits, as well as teaching Tai Chi and Qigong classes. I believe my unique combination of skills enables me to offer a unique perspective to health to many people who know they are doing things wrong, but don’t know where to start to put things right.

What sustains you through your working week?

Good food, Tai Chi, and the game of Go, which is the gymnasium for my mind.

What is your best health tip for the general public?

Always finish your shower with a few minutes of cold – you will feel better afterwards.  I was given that advice by a PE teacher when I was twelve and I’ve done it ever since.

* We meet in Redfern park on the Chalmers Street side, about 100m up from Woolworths on the paved area between the children’s play area and the tulip water feature. If it rains, we meet under the cover behind the Redfern Park Cafe.

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