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Life attracts life.

Stress can be a huge impediment to the conception process. All the time, effort and, maybe even money that is spent, all leading to nothing but stress, anxiety and depression. Fertility Yoga can help by reversing the cycle of stress, helping you reconnect with yourself and your partner and building some resilience that will hopefully lead to baby! Over the 8 week course (or longer if you so choose) we will help you destress, and prepare the body AND mind for conception.

Why Fertility Yoga?
It is only when we have sufficient levels of health and energy that we are able to look beyond ourselves and care for others. How can we care for others when we cannot even care for ourselves? Childbirth is a serious thing and people still die from childbirth today. So it is important and necessary that we make ourselves healthier first if we wish to bring new life into the world.

This is where Fertility Yoga comes in.

What is Fertility Yoga?
Fertility yoga is a gentle yoga practice designed to help you with the conception process and hopefully result in a baby. Although there are no guarantees, studies have shown that Fertility Yoga practices can improve the success rate of processes like IVF by up to 33%. Through the use of breathing, some simple yoga postures, and self care, Fertility Yoga will help you and your partner reconnect with yourselves and each other because it takes two to party!

In the modern world, so many women (and men) are simply too stressed and tired to be able to spend quality time with their partners let alone make babies. Fertility yoga is designed to help foster a sense of self care and manage the stress of the conception process. Fertility yoga is a calming solution to couples driven to conceive which can be an impediment in itself due to the sttress involved. There won’t be any power or hot yoga practices here. Too often these days, yoga is watered down to being just another form of physical exercise but not in Fertility Yoga. The goal is to foster a deep calm and relaxed vitality.

What will the 8 week course look like?
So the first part of Fertility Yoga is designed to help you relax because stress and anxiety are linked to a greater likelihood of infertility. We need bloodflow and energy to the reproductive organs for them to function properly. We need to promote calm and relaxation so that the body is not spending its precious energy on other things.

We must prepare the garden bed of the womb and pelvic region so that new life can be created and nurtured there. In this first stage, we must weed out what is no longer needed. We must also rebuild the connection with our partners as well as with our own bodies. Sometimes the journey can feel lonely even when we have someone to share it with so it is an important part of Fertility Yoga to help develop and deepen this connection. By allowing others in, we open the door to possibility and life. Life attracts life! This is why we offer a couples option as the process requires two people!

Open hips and abdomens are required and we all know how relaxing yoga can be. Fertility yoga works on more than just the physical level and helps ground and calm our hopeful couples to help them on their journey. Letting go involves not just the physical but also the mental and emotional body. So many women and couples actually get more stressed, anxious and defeated when trying to conceive that the cycle becomes perpetual. We have known of couples who have tried up to 7 IVF treatments with no results!

The next step is then to balance the hormones and physical body so that new life can be created. This takes a little bit of work and allows longer lasting changes to occur. This is the transition point when we start to bring enough energy in the body so it can sustain life. Life attracts life, remember? Energy needs to be built over time as the body systems need time to heal and rejuvenate.

Finally, we want to increase the levels of strength and health in the body for childbirth. Fertility yoga doesn’t just aid in the conception process but helps make the body fitter and healthier for the pre birth and post birth stages too. Some cultures around the world still practice more active forms of childbirth, and it is a growing trend in more developed countries too. Whether you choose this path or not, it is nature’s way of making sure you are strong enough and healthy enough to give birth. And who doesn’t want to be healthier and stronger?

Last Words
So there you have it – an innovative 8 week Fertilty Yoga course designed for you AND your partner to help you on your conception journey. During this time, we will help you to destress, reconnect and build some strength so that you have greater levels of health and happiness. And that will ultimately, hopefully, lead to 2 becoming 3 (or more!)

Dominic Lo – Yoga Therapist &Exercise Physiologist

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