Long lost sisters united to start a revolution in health care!


No, they’re not sisters but might as well be! If you know anything about Yin and Yang theory, Melinda and Yanan are one of its best examples. Melinda, being a mother of two who had worked in the corporate world until she saw the light in Chinese medicine and Yanan, who used to work as a restaurant manager and travelled the wild world are polar opposites of each other. One is as cool as a cucumber and the other is as hot as chili! But just like yin and yang theory goes, they complement each other and are totally interdependent to one another. And trust me, they can transform into each other’s force at the drop of a hat.

After having worked at the same clinic for several years, they found themselves in an acupuncture treatment room. Melinda with her hectic life as a mother, a super busy practitioner and a teacher at the UTS acupuncture clinic needed regular acupuncture treatments just to keep up with her life. She reached out to Yanan.

As their weekly meetings went on, it became clear that they shared the same aspiration for a truly holistic clinic – the space they both envisioned offered the most effective treatments, rehabilitation and tools for prevention: the full cycle of health care under one roof.

So why not visit Project Dao? It’s a true sanctuary where healing begins as soon as you step into the door.

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