Guidance Counselling

Guidance Counselling is all about assisting people to re-connect with their authentic true self by discovering their personal archetypes, behaviours, capabilities, spirit and soul contract and experience a more meaningful, wholesome relationship with themselves. Clients who have engaged in traditional psychologists often feel that their past / present issues have yet to be resolved, their souls maybe fractured, they continue to feel an inner darkness and void or alternatively experience recurring situations which they don’t quite understand and resist.

The psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, who founded analytical psychology, and advanced the idea of introverts and extrovert personalities, was also the pioneer of identifying archetypes and the power of the unconscious. He saw the interplay between ego, personalities, energies and patterns that develop by which a person merges into the “true self”.

As a Guidance Counsellor, my role is to combine a number of different modalities such as depth psychology, archetypes and astro-psychology to help guide clients to explore and confront their inner conflicts, resistance, confusion, blockages and beliefs to realize they are unique and amazing people – to guide and reconnect with their authentic greatness and discover their meaning and purpose on their own soul journey. One of the main goals of a guidance counsellor is to act motivators, and mirrors, which can help people finally realize their own strengths and abilities, and focus on becoming better people.