Remedial Massage

Remedial massage

Who says “no thanks” to a massage? OK, we have seen some odd people like that! And if you are one of those odd ones, don’t worry – our acupuncturists will be able to sort you out! Recently, the scientific world understands more about the power of touch itself as a healing force. When combined with the skilled manipulation of the soft tissue by the massage therapists, you not only can expect to resolve physical but also emotional issues stored in your body.

Benefits of getting regular massage not only is good for relaxation and stress relief, it can have a great impact on other facets of health. For example, receiving gentle but effective massage during pregnancy can ease the tensions built by the overload of childbearing. Further as our superhero massage therapist Angela puts it, it’s a great time to work on the body of a woman as her body is going through tremendous transformation during her pregnancy: it’s a great time to rectify the life long traumas stored and tucked under many layers of muscles!

Sports injuries or the pains and aches created by not moving enough can also be effectively addressed by careful assessments of our exceptional massage therapists. Our team of sporty therapists understand the musculoskeletal system very thoroughly and their hands have ways to find those “spots” and getting at them! Being in the consultation room with them will not only ease the tensions and pain built in your body but they go further to provide you with advice on different techniques to avoid further injuries and help fast recovery of the existing injuries.

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