What brought you to the profession?

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be around babies, pregnant women and birth. I went to my first birth when I was 14 and have periodically been attending the births of friends or involved in client’s births or pregnancies ever since. I felt this calling from such a young age, it was as if it was always there within me and that was just what I was meant to be.

I had 2 children young (in my mid twenties) and absolutely loved both of their births and breastfeeding and raising them (they are in their early 20s now!). Not that I can say it was an easy gig! Parenting, pregnancy, life.. it can all be really challenging! But you face it head on, and you bring people into your life- your friends, health practitioners, doctors, therapists, inspirational or creative influences, and it all helps you get through and makes you who you are and who you will be.

I believe each one of us is made for a certain work or have a certain affinity, calling or talent, and this is definitely mine.

I studied a Bachelor of Applied Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from University of Western Sydney, and did a 3 month intensive internship in a Chinese hospital working in Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Oncology to complete my degree.

I studied to become a Doula with Childbirth International.

I have also almost completed a degree in International Health, studying the trends and influences of maternal and child health around the Globe.

Who is my typical patient?

Women (and their partners!) who want to have babies, women who have babies, women who are about to give birth, or have given birth and are struggling to breastfeed, coping with postnatal depression or anxiety, milk production or engorged breasts etc.

Also women who are working hard and juggling life while trying to remain calm and happy and centred or connected with themselves through their working or family life… I believe our very linear, yang society can be quite hard on women who are cyclical creatures and work through all phases of their cycles and lives no matter what is happening to them physically or personally.

Women who want to start a family and for whatever reason haven’t been able to, I have a big soft spot for. I have worked with 1000s of cases of fertility, pregnancy and IVF support at the Acupuncture IVF and Pregnancy clinic with private mentorship from Jane Lyttleton for more than 10 years now.

There is no other work I want to do more in the world than this. When I am in clinic with these women I am fully present and in the moment and truly able to live in the now, with nowhere else I’d rather be.

What is it that sustains you?

I am sustained by music and family, and have a strong focus on Indian spirituality. I have been to India 7 times. I go for the music, the yoga, and just the love of that beautiful country- her amazing colours and vibrant, open hearted people (and the chai tea!)

I am a singer as well, and sing yoga/ambient music and kirtan/mantra style singing. I have sung and performed in India, throughout NSW, Victoria and Qld and soon to be NZ and hopefully Europe, singing at Yoga festivals there in the near future!

Just like my long time affinity with birth and being around pregnant women, I also have been singing and interested in deeper spirituality since a very young age. (Even as a child my favourite character in the Star Wars series was Yoda. I loved his zen approach and deeper understanding of everything!)

What is your ideal holiday destination?

I love holidays that are infused with purpose, like working volunteer on Yoga music retreats, staying in spiritual centres in India, but I also do love the tropics and being around the ocean and the mountains.

Byron Bay is one of my favourite places to visit for this reason, as it is infused with a sense of purpose and healing and surrounded by beautiful mountains and also, like India, open hearted people. I hope to run fertility and women’s health retreats in Byron, Bali and India in the near future. I hope you will love to come with me!