Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the oldest health care system in the world uninterrupted in its practice or transmission from generation to generation. Chinese herbs are celebrated for their highly active compounds and powerful effects, from which a surprising number of modern medications are derived; take Ephedrine for example, a derivative of a species of grass called ma huang. The shrub Artimisinin aka qing hao earned itself a Nobel Prize as the world’s leading anti-malarial drug. Aspirin is another one you might not know is derived from willow bark, aka liu shu pi. Yes – it’s punchy stuff!

Your herbal prescription is composed of many singular herbs, combined together according to the long-standing and sophisticated theory of Chinese herbalism. This product is called a herbal formula. One formula therefore has the effect of hundreds if not thousands of plant derivatives working synergystically. Each formula is designed to achieve a specific purpose, such as – for example – clearing heat from a rash, resolving water retention, promoting blood circulation or strengthening the body’s vital Qi to address bloating, brain fog and fatigue. These effects are time-tested and true.

A deep understanding of the actions and properties of herbs in both the Chinese medical and Biomedical paradigms, combined with the ability to diagnose imbalance within the body, allows our practitioners to prescribe a formula to address the disharmony underlying a disease. The prescription can change as the condition improves.

At Project DAO we stock high quality herbal products. All our products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of the Australian Government, which in turn consults with the Endangered Species Certification Scheme.

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