What brought me to the profession?

I am an active person who is heavily involved in sports. Whilst in training and playing sports, I have personally experienced a lot of injuries and have also encountered many injuries in those around me!

This experience has led me to investigate how best to maintain the body to keep it at optimal levels, both to help prevent injuries as well as relieving trauma related pain.

Having worked alongside many athletes rehabilitation has become an important aspect of what I do. I pride myself for being an accomplished massage therapist who is well versed in the musculoskeletal functions of the body. I bring these skills and knowledge to assist my clients with not only pain relief but also with rehabilitation.

Who is my typical patient?

In recent years, I have worked closely with my own acupuncturist and colleague, Yanan Kim, to assist her with worker’s compensation and personal injury victims’ care. Working alongside an acupuncturist, my understanding of the body and it’s interconnection with the mind grew beyond my wildest dream!

So, my typical patient is impossible to describe! They vary so much from a Workers compensation patient to a leading athlete who plays for the Swans!