Who is my typical patient?

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, I see a wide range of patients, who suffer from common cold to asthma, a 10-months baby suffering from eczema to a 55 year old lady with chronic dermatitis. But if I have to pin down a typical patient, he would be a chronic pain sufferer. Through my journey as a practitioner, I saw how much acupuncture could help with pain conditions which western medicine has little to offer. This led me to start treating worker’s compensation and car accident patients, cases often times very complex and chronic in nature.

My strong interest in caring for pain sufferers began with my trip to Nepal. Upon finishing up my undergraduate at UTS, I headed straight to Nepal where I volunteered as an acupuncturist at a Tibetan medicine clinic. The clinic lacked not only treatment beds but also patients! The price for acupuncture was 100 rupees equivalent to AU$1.20, but for those Tibetan refugees, even that amount was too much. As it happens before the travel, my friends donated $300 for me to spend on any cause I saw valuable. So there I donated the money to the clinic to cover the cost of its operation for 3 months so that we could offer free treatment to the public.

Three things I learned from this experience –

  1. Acupuncture works (I had patients with knee arthritis who walked for 5 hours to get acupuncture!).
  2. Group acupuncture sessions work and increase the accessibility of acupuncture to a wider demographic of population (We ran out of treatment beds so had to treat patients in the waiting area).
  3. I have the ability to facilitate the changes I want to see in this world.


What is it that sustains you?

Yoga. Yoga truly is the best thing I do in my life for myself and for the world. I include the world here because if it wasn’t for yoga, I would be less pleasant, less focused and less capable to make the changes I want to see in this world. So yes, I do think my yoga practice benefits the greater world outside myself.

Where is your ideal holiday destination?

Yoga retreat surrounded by the nature, I say this with a slight worry that I would be perceived as this crazy yoga freak! Trust me, I am not! I do a lot of naughty things and not enough good things sometimes so that’s why I need to do yoga 😉

You see, I have travelled the world: I have seen the wonders of Colombian Caribbean sea, danced nights away at Fabric nightclub in London, marvelled at the mosques in Morocco, and hitchhiked across France. I have been lost in the small alleys of Borneo market and I have drunk cups and cups of chai on a 25 hour train ride in India. As a music fan, I have been to so many gigs I can barely remember what was where and when!

Maybe it’s the age? Now, when I think of a holiday, I can’t think of anything better than going to a yoga retreat and let myself sink into the rhythm of nature again. Call me old–fashioned!


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