Yoga Therapy

Yoga is now widely used as a mode of therapy as well as a tool for living a better life. As the breaths take you to be connected to your body, the power of yoga will see your body and mind transform.The benefit of yoga extends way beyond physical to psychological – it is shown that practicing yoga a couple of times a week increases not only the muscle strength, flexibility, boosts endurance, but also tunes up the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Psychologically, yoga helps us deal with our chaotic and busy lives as well as reducing our anxiety and stress response.
Well, let us put it this way, if it wasn’t for all those downward dogs, the Project Dao would never have eventuated. We, the founders of Project Dao have found sanctuary and ground on the yoga mat. Our yoga practice is what provided us with focus and clarity to follow our dream of building the most holistic clinic in the world!

Why individual yoga?

Because many people simply can’t attend “regular” classes: we realised that some of our patients need more individualised guidance because of their injuries and/or health conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma or pregnancy. Also, we know from abundant scientific evidence, as well as our clinic experience, that combined with individualised treatments such as acupuncture/herbal medicine, gentle yoga yields much faster results in the recovery of health issues and in the long-term maintenance of good health.
We believe that our job as health practitioners does not stop at providing pain relief. In fact, it is more important for us to provide tools of self care and further prevent diseases and illness. So there are no excuses: now, are you ready to get down to downward dog and see where that takes you.