Menopause with Grace: Your Path to a Smooth Transition with Acupuncture

Let’s talk about it, ladies – menopause can be a rollercoaster. Hot flashes, sleep troubles, mood swings – it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel (but seriously, there’s no need for it!).

The good news? You’re not alone. Here at Project DAO, I’ve seen countless women navigate this transition with grace. In fact, I’ve seen patients walk in for their first appointment with a towel under their chair, dreading another hot flash, or feeling defeated by sleepless nights and constant frustration. And they walked out bemused at how balanced they felt!

These symptoms can be overwhelming, but there is a natural solution: acupuncture.

Chinese Medicine views menopause as a shift in your body’s energy. As your Yin (cooling, nourishing) energy wanes, you might experience dryness, hot flashes, and sweating – your body’s attempt to rebalance itself.

At Project DAO, we work with you to understand your unique experience. We can pinpoint the exact fluid imbalances causing your symptoms and create a personalised acupuncture plan to restore harmony.

Many women describe acupuncture as the deepest sleep they’ve had in years. And studies back it up! Research shows acupuncture can significantly reduce hot flashes and improve sleep quality.

While some might turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), it’s not for everyone. Acupuncture offers a natural, non-invasive approach, perfect for those seeking an alternative, or even a complement to HRT.

Remember, menopause is a natural transition. You deserve to experience it with grace and ease. Let’s chat about how acupuncture can help you reclaim your well-being during this important time.

Schedule a consultation today and see if acupuncture can be your path to a smooth menopausal transition!

Here’s how acupuncture can be your secret weapon against menopausal symptoms:

  • Hot Flashes: Studies like the one published in the BMJ show acupuncture can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes.
  • Sleep Like a Baby (Again): Menopause often disrupts sleep, leaving you feeling exhausted and irritable. Acupuncture can help regulate your sleep patterns, allowing you to finally catch those precious sleep. 
  • Mood swings: Mood swings can be another unwelcome visitor during menopause. Acupuncture can help regulate your emotional state, promoting feelings of calmness and well-being.
  • Pain Relief: Acupuncture is a rockstar when it comes to pain relief, and that includes aches and pains associated with menopause.

Science is Saying “Yes” to Acupuncture for Menopause:

In a 209-woman study, Acupuncture in menopause: a pragmatic, randomised trial it was found that a course of acupuncture was associated with significant reduction in VMS (vasomotor symptoms = hot flashes and sweats) as well as several quality of life measures, compared with no acupuncture, the clinical benefit persisted for at least 6 months (36.7% decrease in symptoms) beyond the end of treatment. The course of acupuncture treatments consisted of 20 sessions. 

Specially for women with breast cancer (or survivors), alternative to HRT:

Breast cancer patients often suffer from hot flashes and medical menopause. Acupuncture combined with herbal medicine offers excellent alternative options for this group of women especially as using estrogen in the HRT could increase with the cancer growth. Science of course is in! See Effect of Acupuncture on hot flush and menopause symptoms in women with breast cancer: A systemic review and meta-analysis that featured over 844 women. They found that the acupuncture group found most of the menopausal symptoms to be significantly better.  

What to Expect During Your Acupuncture Adventure:

You know the vibe, what it feels like walking into Project DAO. Healing is at the core of all we do here. From the moment you walk in, to the moment you are draped and tucked into the bed by your acupuncturist, you are well looked after. Many of my patients acclaim that it’s the deepest and most restorative sleep and rest they have when receiving acupuncture. 

Safety and Potential Side Effects:

Acupuncture is generally safe when performed by a licensed and experienced practitioner like myself, who adheres to strict hygiene protocols using sterile needles. While uncommon, there can be minor side effects like slight bruising or soreness at the insertion points. These are usually temporary and resolve quickly.

Acupuncture vs. HRT: Exploring Your Options:

HRT can be a great option for some women, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Acupuncture offers a natural, non-invasive approach that can be particularly appealing for women who prefer to avoid medication as well as breast cancer survivors and patients who are undergoing the treatment currently. It can also be used alongside HRT to potentially enhance its effectiveness.

Let’s Craft Your Personalized Menopause Relief Plan:

Your body does keep the score. This is great news because we know how to tap into that wisdom in your body. Crafting a personalised plan to approach your wellbeing is one of the most important parts of holistic healthcare. We work with you in every step to address your body and mind during this tumultuous transition to guide you back to harmony. 

Remember, you are not alone in this. There are powerful tools and strategies available to help you conquer menopause and embrace this next chapter with confidence.

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Menopause with Grace: Your Path to a Smooth Transition with Acupuncture
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