How your anxiety & stress are showing up in your toilet bowl

How your anxiety & stress are showing up in your toilet bowl There is nothing as satisfying as a happy poo in the morning – nice and easy, firm but not hard, no straining, easy to wipe, toilet bowl nice and clean. You feel satisfied after the evacuation takes place. Boom, ready to rock the […]

Where does suppressed anger go?

Where does suppressed anger go? How does it turn into an autoimmune disease? Dr. Gabor Mate, a physician world-renowned on the topic of childhood trauma and stress, and their relationship with physical and mental illness, claims that suppressed anger frequently manifests as autoimmune disease. He describes how it is often “nice people” who end up […]

Common misconceptions of “healthy food”

Common misconceptions of “healthy food” Why your healthy food choices are not helping your gut A patient walks into the consultation room with years of digestive issues ranging from chronic constipation to multiple urgent diarrhoea or loose stools in a day, incomplete bowel movements, stomach cramps, acid reflux, bloating, and gas. “So what do you […]

Qigong in Cancer Treatment

What is Qigong? Qigong is an ancient system of exercises rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy. They are designed to cultivate and influence “Qi” in order to improve the health and harmony of the mind and body. This is done by coordinating the breath with gentle movements and visualisation while standing and moving through set sequences. […]

What is Trauma?

Tom and Jack who shared the same trench and witnessed the horrors of war together do not come home equally traumatised. Tom comes back home and suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder whereas Jack comes back home using that experience to write a book about setting operational strategies for entrepreneurs.  Do you wonder why that is? […]

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