Qigong in Cancer Treatment

What is Qigong? Qigong is an ancient system of exercises rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy. They are designed to cultivate and influence “Qi” in order to improve the health and harmony of the mind and body. This is done by coordinating the breath with gentle movements and visualisation while standing and moving through set sequences. […]

What is Trauma?

Tom and Jack who shared the same trench and witnessed the horrors of war together do not come home equally traumatised. Tom comes back home and suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder whereas Jack comes back home using that experience to write a book about setting operational strategies for entrepreneurs.  Do you wonder why that is? […]

5 tips for ergonomic home office

We got so many talented friends! This loveliest infographic was put together by our friend Jordan, her style is impeccable and her professionalism next to none. Have a look around her graphic masterpieces here at Oh, too late? You have already stuffed up your neck? Shoulder? Back? Well, you have come to the right […]

How to support your immune system in Winter

  Winter is coming… How we support our immune systems Locking up at home, researching for vaccines, counting deaths, contemplating drinking disinfectant… these are a few responses we have seen in response to current times. But with the corona-craze and winter approaching, let’s redirect our attention back to a fundament of Chinese Medicine – prevention. […]

A flu-free family Winter

Chinese Medicine sees disharmonies in the body through a different lens. People may have the same symptom but through further investigation it becomes clear that it is not at all the same thing. The same symptoms can be caused by heat or cold, dampness or phlegm, and each will need a different treatment to ensure the body gets back to its proper balance.

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