Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Originally practiced as a martial art, Tai Chi has also developed as a holistic form of exercise and meditation, and this is how we are teaching it at Project Dao. Coordinating slow rhythmic movements based on Chinese martial art forms with relaxed deep breathing leads to a calmness that has many health benefits both physical and psychological. Regular practice will lead to improvements in balance; flexibility; aerobic fitness; muscular strength & endurance; joint integrity; and ability to deal with chronic pain. Many people also find a reduction in anxiety and anger and an improvement in mood. In short, you will become a calmer, happier, healthier person. Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as moving meditation. Its benefits are so varied and plentiful it could be referred to as moving medication.

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages, abilities, and levels of health. Please read Yanan’s blog post “Why I Believe Tai Chi is the new Yoga” if you’re curious to learn more.

We hold regular courses at the clinic in our dedicated movement studio that incorporate Tai Chi. Please check out our Classes page for current class information.

Your Tai Chi instructor at Project DAO is John.

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Dip. of Osteopathy
Dip. of Personal Training
Cert. Tai Chi / Qigong instructor

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