Tui Na

Tui Na

Tui Na, literally meaning “Pushing and Grasping,” is the massage modality of traditional Chinese medicine. Thad Wong, the Tui Na practitioner at Project DAO, utilises two complementary systems of Tui Na: Classical Tui Na and Organ Regulating Tui Na. The potent combination of these two methods allows him to holistically treat both the root and branch of your issues directly and effectively.

Classical Tui Na is a modality of Chinese Medicine that was traditionally paired with acupuncture. It is a powerful modality of therapeutic bodywork developed over centuries into a clinically effective method for promoting the healing of both internal and orthopaedic issues. It does this through hands-on massage techniques that manipulate the bones, soft tissues and meridians. 

The Classical Tui Na techniques in your treatment will directly release sinew tension, relieve pain, open your channels, and harmonise the flow of Qi, blood and fluids throughout your body. Classical Tui Na also contains Zheng Gu (“Correct the Bone”) methods that realign and restore integrity to your joints and soft tissues.

The Organ Regulating Tui Na (Zang Fu Tui Na) regulates both the function of your internal organs (Zang Fu) and your whole body through gentle visceral mobilisation techniques. It is a unique approach to the practice of Chinese Medicine, offering a direct, hands-on method that is simultaneously diagnostic and therapeutic.

This method allows Thad to connect with the innate rhythms of your organ movements, revealing subtle imbalances in their function which can then be immediately harmonised. It elicits effective, and profound changes in your body that will continue to play out for days after the treatment. This important and uncommon aspect of Tui Na is extremely effective in down-regulating the nervous system, regulating the Qi dynamic, and calming the Shen (spirit).

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Cert. Classical Tui Na
Cert. Organ-Regulating Tui Na
Cert. Senior Level Ba Gua Instructor

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