Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy

Movement therapy applies advanced understanding of biomechanics and injury recovery to develop exercises that recalibrate and optimise human movement. While that might sound quite technical, it’s for anyone who wants to get fit, but feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to begin, like they just don’t have enough time, or that something is preventing them from starting. If you want to reconnect with your body and develop sustainable improvements, Movement Therapy is for you.

In your Movement Therapy session you’ll be prescribed specific movements and exercises designed to address an injury or a condition that has led to compromised movement such as an illness or a disability. The goal is to correct posture – both static and dynamic – and to encourage all parts of the body to move as a unit in the way they were designed to, and in doing so will enhance not just physical but also mental, emotional and cognitive wellbeing.

Our movement therapists at Project DAO are experienced Manual Therapists, as well as qualified Personal Trainers. Taking into account your personal challenges, your custom exercise program will be tailored so that it is completely doable in order to get to work on rectifying the problems you face. Available time and equipment will also be factored in.

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Dip. of Osteopathy
Dip. of Personal Training
Cert. Tai Chi / Qigong instructor

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