Our Philosophy

We believe that your body has the wisdom to heal itself: we are here to help you unlock that innate ability.

Recognising the process of the healing, we offer a health plan that has three “branches”.

At Project DAO, we…

Treat your immediate health concerns with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Massage Therapy.

Restore wellbeing by deepening your connection to your subconsciousness with Compassionate Inquiry, Breathwork, and Inner Space Therapy.

Prevent illness by helping you cultivate well-being through lifelong practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi and Movement Therapy.


Our team

We’re here, in our Redfern clinic or online, to help you… always ready, with a warm smile, to bring the healing energy and joy!


B. HlthSc (TCM) 
Cert. Compassionate Inquiry
Chinese Herbalist

Completely lost as to what I should do with my life in my twenties, I decided that I would travel the world to find out about myself and find my calling – a way to serve the world and myself – by the time I reached 30.  One day, I came across an article in the paper about acupuncture. Acupuncture! Making a living from healing people – I knew that I’d found my calling.

After qualifying, I initially went and volunteered in a clinic in a monastery in Nepal.  Most of my patients were elderly and arthritic, and I focused on managing their pain.  Over the next few years I studied different styles of acupuncture concentrating on pain management, seeing physical pain as a “problem” to be solved, but as I dealt with my own pain, which was more psychological in origin, I realised that pain is a message from the inner self to call us back to the true self.  This has profoundly changed the way I practice my healing craft.


What distinguishes me from other practitioners?  When you walk into my consultation room you will get a healer who is compassionate, competent, curious, and direct – I see myself as the tool my patients need to facilitate the changes they seek to make, either consciously or subconsciously.

What sustains you through your working week?

My husband and his food: a relationship that can hold space for me to unwind and to speak until all is spoken! A curious heart that awaits me at home with a bowl of stew.

What is your best health tip for the general public?

Soak some brown rice (20 hrs ideally) and eat that at least 3 meals a week.


HlthSc (TCM),
Chinese Herbalist

Acrobat, painter, geologist… I had many ambitions as a child, but when the time came to choose a path, all that was certain was my passion in health and humanity.  The complexities and miracles of the mind and body enthralled me – I wanted to learn everything! One existential crisis and one speedy Taekwon-Do injury recovery later (using acupuncture), this spark ignited a flaming curiosity for Chinese Medicine.

At university, my mind was blown by this wise, in-depth system we inherited. I began seeing the world through its lens and discovering its expansive potential in helping improve wellbeing beyond just pain relief. For example, thin needles in the legs for indigestion, anxiety and menstrual pain? Wild! I thought: how fascinatingly interconnected we are, how fulfilling to live a life sharing this ancient art, easing suffering, empowering people.


I fell in love with the way Chinese Medicine holistically understands pathology, interprets symptoms to reveal deeper imbalances, provides natural, systematic, individualised solutions, and just makes so much sense! In being a lifelong learner of this art, I honour it by being an inquisitive and compassionate companion to people’s healing journey. Currently, I have a particular interest in mental health, pain, sleep and digestive disorders.

What sustains you through your working week?

My empowering family, friends and work team, my fur babies, good food, plenty of sleep, intentional breathing, nature, exercise, journaling, a strong sense of duty, determination and ambition, my passion for healing, and plenty of herbal tea.

What is your best health tip for the general public?

To tune in and listen to your body’s needs, and if it’s saying it needs acupuncture…


Dip. Yoga teaching
Dip. Remedial Therapy
Dip. Remedial Massage

I’ve been gifted with wounds that have taught me how to heal and to see life’s challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. I’ve had amazing teachers and mentors while formalising my skills. I love listening to peoples stories, validating what works and empowering people with appropriate treatments. Each person who attends our clinic enriches my practice with their stories, insights and lived experience.

I love how our bodies remember absolutely everything and quietly adapt to our challenges, often without us even noticing, until a symptom emerges and demands our attention. 


Holistic therapies provide a complete approach to recovery and the repair and maintenance of our body, mind and lives.  Studies and practice in body work, breath work, nutrition, counselling and yoga provide a practical intersectionality for wellness.  Science is catching up and validating the many benefits of holistic and traditional wisdom practices.

My main area of interest is the regenerative nature of our body and mind, given the proper resources. My favourite advice is to listen to your body and cultivate life affirming connections with yourself and others. Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to enjoy your senses and move with gentle strength and awareness.

What is your best health tip for the general public?

Best advice is to listen to your body. Give yourself permission to be spacious, eat whole foods and move with gentle strength and awareness.


Dip. of Osteopathy
Dip. of Personal Training / Gym instruction
Cert. Tai Chi / Qigong instructor

My journey to becoming a healer began after I hurt my back in a car crash when I was 23.  After getting relief from visiting an osteopath I decided that that would be a great way to make a living – doing something both useful and enjoyable.  While working for 16 years as an osteopath, however, I decided that I wanted to encourage and help people to do more for themselves to be healthy and vital, so I qualified as a personal trainer. After working for a short time as a PT, I realised a long-held dream and went to China to study Tai Chi and Qigong, practices which have become my passion.


Working at Project DAO I believe I have found my ideal balance – I still do some hands-on bodywork, and also work with clients to teach them how to incorporate exercise and meditation into their lifestyle for long term health benefits, as well as teaching Tai Chi and Qigong classes. I believe my unique combination of skills enables me to offer a unique perspective to health to many people who know they are doing things wrong, but don’t know where to start to put things right.

What sustains you through your working week?

Good food, Tai Chi, and the game of Go, which is the gymnasium for my mind.

What is your best health tip for the general public?

Always finish your shower with a few minutes of cold – you will feel better afterwards.  I was given that advice by a PE teacher when I was twelve and I’ve done it ever since.


Hatha yoga teacher (25 years)
Cert. of Yoga therapy
Inner Space Practitioner

New Zealand born, I moved to Australia when I was 19 years old. Coming from a background in classical ballet, I studied at the Edith Cowen University completing a BA in Dance and continued to dance with various companies. Around the age of 26 years, I started attending yoga classes to support my body, exhausted and injured from performance. With yoga, it was love at first sight.

I served an intense and gruelling three-year full-time apprenticeship in yoga with Natanage Zhandor (Shandor Remete), founder of Shadow Yoga. This form of yoga cultivates a person’s inherent energy to reduce stress and promotes pranayama and meditation.


For the last 14 years my interests have included studying meditation and spirituality with the Clairvision School of Meditation, where I also became a facilitator in Inner Space Techniques (IST), a form of  therapy which allows you to attune to your authentic self. IST was initially developed to help meditators meditate by eliminating the emotions which produced distracting thoughts, but it proved to be so beneficial that it was developed as a therapeutic model.  When you experience something that produces a profound sense of coming home, it opens a quest to continue the journey. This is what I experience when I meditate, an experience I want to help others achieve through my practice.

What sustains you through the week?

Continuing to explore states of consciousness through Yoga and meditation, and the fullness that comes by integrating these experiences into the world. I also love classical music, sunrises and sunsets.

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