Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

More Than A Facial

We aim to provide what your skin care routine alone cannot.

The effects of cosmetic acupuncture come from the combined action of facial massage,
cupping, gua sha and acupuncture. Together, these gentle, precise manual therapies act
holistically, targeting every tissue in specific ways. Essentially, the work we do brings out the
best of your skin from within. Results are cumulative over time.

Techniques help drain stagnant fluids, promote blood circulation, trigger cellular activity, improve
the rate of cellular turnover, and act on the scaffolding our skin is draped over (the muscle and
connective tissues) to prevent wrinkle formation and tissue thinning/sagging. These effects
represent a beautiful way to target your anti-aging skin concerns.

Acupuncture, whether for body or face, is a balancing act of harmonizing excess and deficiency,
and promoting Qi and Blood circulation to help lift restrictions on the body’s own ability to heal
itself. The effects of your facial will ripple out to the rest of your body, down-regulating your
nervous system, and flooding you with endorphins. Because acupoints on your face lie along
channels in the greater network, we will always select a few body points to bring your whole
body online for healing time.

For active acne, rosacea or weepy spots, we would recommend going for regular constitutional
acupucnture to address the root problem giving rise to these issues.

What To Expect

  • Immediate effects: brighter, fresher, perkier feeling skin
  • Day-After effects: firm skin, clear and decongested, fine line reduction, reduction under eye
  • Cumulative effects: fine line disappearance, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation change, distinctive lifting and plumping.
  • Weekly treatments are recommended until desired results are achieved (typically 3-6 weeks minimum) and then monthly for maintenance.
  • All-natural and clean beauty products used.
  • Body Cosmetic and Microneedling … coming SOON!

Specific Skin Concerns

Marionette lines Scarring
Lip lines Sagging
Nasolabial folds Drooping
Jowls Dryness
Undereye circles Redness
Crows feet Congestion
Drooping eyelids Puffiness
11s Hyperpigmentation
Forehead lines Age spots
Bunny line Thinning

The Benefits

Massage Benefits

  • Release myofascial tension that may be contributing to dynamic wrinkles
  • Allows muscle that was tight/weak to relax and lay fresh fiber, plumping the skin from the inside out
  • Brings fresh circulation in areas that were impeded by over-contracted muscles

Cupping Benefits

  • Opens spaces in between tissue layers to resolve connective tissue adhesions
  • Pulls blood into interstitial spaces to bring nourishment to cells and carry away cellular

Gua Sha Benefits

  • Draws topically applied products deep into skin
  • Drains out stagnant fluids and lymph, decongesting
  • Restructure the weakened, disorganized extracellular meshwork that underlies wrinkles

Needling Benefits

Superficial Peppering
Layer: Epidermis.
Activity: Keratinocyte, Melanocyte

  • Evens out skin tone to correct dullness/dryness
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation

Wrinkle Threading / Intradermal Needling:
Layer: Dermis
Activity: Fibroblast

  • Increase protein formation in the extracellular matrix
  • Induce collagen production to fill static wrinkles
  • Balances ratio of Type I and Type II collagen fibers associated with aging skin

Motor Point Needling
Layer: Muscle
Activity: Muscle Fiber, Neuromuscular Junction

  • Adjusts muscle electrical excitability to improve muscle tone and overlying skin
    stretch + sag
  • Promotes muscle fiber generation in tissue thinning to restore fleshiness

Cosmetic Acupuncture Is Not For...

  • Fillers – contraindicated
  • Botox – wait 3 months
  • Laser/Chemical Peel – wait 3 months
  • Facial surgery wait 1 month before gua sha, 1 year before acupuncture
  • Active Acne – avoid for active acne or any open, weepy spots. To target these concerns, we would strongly suggest booking a regular constitutional acupuncture treatment instead to get to the root of your skin problem (on the other hand, acne scars are a great candidate for cosmetic acupuncture!)
  • Migraine – contraindicated. Sufferers advised to prioritize migraine resolution with regular acupuncture before attending cosmetic treatments, which can exacerbate migraine
  • Shingles – possibility of flare-ups 
  • Blood thinning medication – possibility of bruising
  • Pregnancy – avoid in first and second trimester

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