Why do I feel like crap during lockdown

Why do I feel like crap during this lockdown?

“What is going on?”

We are in such interesting times! There is obviously a lot going on in our environment, but what’s a possible reason for why our systems aren’t feeling optimal?
In Chinese Medicine fundamentally we’re looking for balance. What does this mean? Essentially it means that we’re looking for the body to be operating in a smooth and functional manner, for organ systems to be performing properly and communicating effectively, and for qi to flow smoothly throughout our blood, muscles, tissues and more.
When this doesn’t happen one of the results can be stagnation.

Possible signs of stagnation
– Fatigue
– Agitation
– Muscle tiredness
– Pain, dull and achey or focused, and sharp
– Disturbed sleep

One trick I often use with my patients to find out if its true stagnation is to ask: if you’re fatigued and you exercise do you feel better or worse? If you feel better then it’s likely a problem of stagnation. If you feel worse then it’s likely a type of fatigue that you shouldn’t push – you need to rest.

What causes stagnation?

– One thing that’s clear for most if not all of us is that our routines have been completely changed. When routines change it can throw our systems into chaos. Different meal times, different bed times, different foods, different company etc. etc. all of these differences have an effect on the subtle and not so subtle circulations in our system.
– Lack of movement. In these times we’re obviously not moving our bodies in the same way. This results in a change in the circulations of the channels.
– Emotions. When there is grasping in the system there is a ‘knotting of qi’. This isn’t to say we should avoid emotions : ) But we do need to find ways for the emotions we feel to have pathways so they don’t get ‘stuck’ in our system.

What can I do?

– Move. Movement doesn’t have to be intense but it does have to be consistent. Walk, dance, ride, swim, do yoga. Whatever it is you choose to do you will intensify the effects significantly if you enjoy it.
– Create routines. Like children our systems love routine. Find routines that feed your system, find the right sleep hygiene and stick to it every night, eat your meals at the same time every day.
– Find things that bring you joy – connect with friends, find ways to give to someone you love, spend time in the sun.

There are so many ways we can tweak things in our lives that help put our systems back into balance.

If you’re struggling, please get in touch so we can help you get back on track.

Yours Truly, Robin
An acupuncturist & herbalist at Project DAO

Why do I feel like crap during lockdown
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