How to plan your year and see results

How to Plan Your Year and See Results

“What you can envision, you can achieve”

– Yanan, founder of Project DAO

“A friend of mine who runs a very successful business once said that since she’s started doing her yearly plan, she found herself achieving goals that she’s set for herself. That was a light bulb moment for me”, says Yanan.

Once you’ve set yourself a goal and have a system to action and to review, you tend to get there. Where your intention goes, your Qi flows. Your body and soul, naturally follows your Qi. 

Yanan has inserted some examples of how to fill this out. Here’s a planning worksheet with no answers in so that you can use it for your own goals. Empty out a couple of hours of your day prior to 2020 arriving (or just after). Clear everything away from your desk (don’t spend 5 hours doing this!) and put your devices away. Sit with the template and your diary and plan the life that you want!

Don’t shy away from dreaming big.


Yanan’s plan

Purpose (What is the purpose of your life?) :

To realise my true self and it’s potential. 

Vision for 2020 (What can you envision? Don’t be afraid to envision what you want out of your life):

 A year of growth in both personal and professional pursuits. 

Values: (What are the core values you have in your life?): 

Fulfilment, integrity.

Ideal life (Close your eyes and see what you would like to have in your life): 

sailing boat with my partner on it. A busy thriving business with all of my team achieving what their wildest dreams would want. 


Now how do we get there? Let’s break it down.



Vision: I am calm. 

How to: I will meditate every day. 

Challenges: I don’t know how to meditate. I always fail to keep up with my meditation practice. 

Monthly, weekly plans: in Jan, I will join a local yoga studio to learn to align my body and mind. I will practice yoga at least 3 times a week for 3 months. In March, I will join a meditation intro course. I will keep up with my practice. 

Review: June 2020. I have learned to align my body and mind. I have learned to meditate. I am calmer. Set new actionable plans for the rest of the year. 



Vision: I work at a job that is fulfilling. 

How to: Change my job (store manager at local IGA) to acupuncturist. 

Challenges: I don’t have qualification. I need to support my sick mother. I am scared of losing financial benefits of a salaried job. 

Monthly, weekly plans: I will save $10,000 before starting my degree to have “financial security” in March. I will do extra shifts until March. I will make sure that I have 2 shifts at IGA even after I start my degree to have money coming in every week. 


Financial (Do not shy away!):

Vision: I will have money enough to have one overseas holiday a year. 


How to: Monthly income needs to be_________. 

Challenges: Study load conflicting with job commitment. I need to learn to better organise my time. 

Monthly, weekly plans: I will start using Trello/planner to make sure I am well organised with my time. 



Break these down as much as you can. Make 5 year plan and work back if you dare! Put the action plans into your diary. Set a review date; see how far you have progressed in your goals. Download a planner template here.

We will check in with you mid-year to see how you are going with these. 

Shoot us an email if you have any questions, concerns at


Yours truly,

Project DAO

How to plan your year and see results
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